Security alarm monitoring hamilton 1Waikato Security operates the region's leading Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), the only centre of its type in Hamilton/Waikato. When you’re considering having your alarm monitored, using a proficient ARC monitoring centre is key to getting the best performance from your alarm system.

Our specialist 24/7 centre uses a number of different technologies to monitor security alarms, access control systems, lone worker devices, CCTV and other security solutions, while maintaining a distinct service level. We will monitor your alarm for all normal monitoring protocols and these can be further supported by our full IP & Wireless alarm monitoring services.

WSS customers receive a focused and responsive service from our skilled operations team and to ensure business continuity a number redundancy measures are in place, including UPS, diesel generator, network & IT support services.

Our Operations Centre is also a central communications hub for all our security services, this makes communicating with WSS management and Supervisory staff an easy process for our customers, 24/7.

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