Lone Worker Health and Saftey

soloprotect logoDo you have suitable protection for staff that work alone or in isolation?
Does your company effectively meet NZ Health & Safety legislative requirements?

Introducing iDenticom safety card

Lone Worker Health and Saftey


WSS is the New Zealand distributor of iDenticom safety card. As part of the world's foremost lone worker solution, SoloProtect® , the market-leading iDenticom provides those that work alone, or in isolation, with comprehensive protection and an immediate emergency response should they need it.

iDenticom safety card is a leading technology that is a mobile communications device designed as an identity card holder that forms part of a comprehensive Health and Safety programme for your staff.

iDenticom safety card is supported by a dedicated national 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) monitoring service which is managed by professionally trained staff.

A special feature of iDenticom is its ability to stream audio live to the Alarm Receiving Centre where operations staff can listen in to further establish what the incident entails and how best to respond.

This enables lone workers to summon assistance:

  • in the case of injury or accident
  • if they feel their safety could potentially be compromised
  • if they are suffering verbal abuse or attack.

iDenticom safety card features and benefits include:

  • Discreet design and operation.
  • One button activation of multiple escalation actions.
  • 24/7 monitoring and access to immediate assistance.
  • Advanced ‘man down’ detection automatically raises alarm in case of user injury or incapacity.
  • Captures audio evidence of verbal abuse.
  • Staff training and involvement in risk assessment and management.
  • Easy to wear because of its unique features and design.
  • Becomes a part of PPE, easily integrating with your company’s own health and safety programme.

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