Waikato Security Services’ subsidiary company, New Zealand Loneworker Solutions (NZLS), is the New Zealand distributor of SoloProtect®, the world's foremost lone worker welfare solution.

SoloProtect’s market-leading iDenticomID provides those that work alone, in isolation or potentially abusive situations, with comprehensive protection and an immediate emergency response should they need it.

 iDenticomID is a market leading technology that is a mobile communications device designed as an identity card holder that forms part of a comprehensive Health and Safety programme tailored by NZLS for your staff. 

New Zealand Loneworker Solutions devices are supported by a dedicated national 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre here in New Zealand and a special feature of iDenticomID is its ability to stream audio which our monitoring operations staff can listen in to “in real time” to establish what the incident entails and how best to respond.

Where adverse weather and remote locations are challenges, NZLS also carries a range of robust, waterproof, IP rated and satellite technology options.

For further information about lone worker welfare you can contact New Zealand Loneworker Solutions directly by phoning 0800 834 755 or simply follow this link to the SoloProtect web site https://www.soloprotect.com/nz/


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