Security cameras and CCTV, are becoming an increasingly more cost-effective option. Technology advances are continually improving the quality and scope of the recorded images, making security cameras a very accessible security tool for your business or home.

Video surveillance provides visual evidence of what took place and when it took place and it provides you with another effective management tool for your business and home.

Waikato Security Services has extensive experience in the supply and installation of security cameras and CCTV systems, and we will only recommend from a select range of digital products sourced from established technology companies with a key element being the quality of the result you want.

Our solutions are tailored specifically to your business and home security needs and we offer Digital and IP based systems with remote online access, as well as a host of other available features.

Waikato Security Services team of qualified security technicians will install, program, maintain, or repair your CCTV system to industry standards and in accordance with the New Zealand Security Association (NZSA) codes of practice.