Waikato Sercurity Services has the most comprehensive security patrol service in the region and this gives us a superior response capability by comparison other security companies.

To ensure our clients, their property and people are secure and safe our WSS Patrol Guards are on the job 24/7 and we use best Patrol Management Technology to ensure reliable and effective service delivery is achieved at all times.

 During the course of their shift patrol guards complete a varied range of duties including

  • programmed and random property inspections
  • intruder alarm response
  • duress alarm response
  • staff welfare visits
  • bylaw enforcement
  • building owner inspections
  • plant and equipment operation inspections

All Waikato Security Services patrol guards are licensed under the Private Security Personnel and Private Investigators Act 2010 and receive training to a minimum NZQA Level 2 security qualification including fire, first aid and customer service.