Waikato Security Services has the most comprehensive security patrol service in the region and this gives us a superior security response capability, by comparison to other security companies.

To ensure our clients, their property and people are secure and safe our WSS Patrol Guards are on the job 24/7 and we use Patrol Management Technology from our Hamilton based Security Operations Centre to ensure reliable and effective service delivery is achieved at all times.

We believe the key to patrolling and responding is communication with the client, regular communications may involve GPS tracking systems, online reporting systems, and manual reporting. During their shift patrol guards complete a varied range of duties including

  • Programmed and random property inspections which can take place 24/7

  • Intruder alarm response

  • Duress alarm response

  • Staff welfare visits

  • Bylaw enforcement

  • Building owner inspections

  • Plant and equipment operation inspections

All mobile security patrol staff have constant support from our command centre and are in continual communication with other security staff during each patrol to ensure that support is available if needed should a threat or breach of security be detected.

All Waikato Security Services patrol guards are licensed under the Private Security Personnel and Private Investigators Act 2010. They also receive training to a minimum NZQA Level 2 security qualification including fire, first aid and customer service.